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"My husband and I are absolutely delighted with the garden that has just been designed and created for us by BWGD. The designers created a plan that was thrillingly original and stylish and that far exceeded my expectations. With the finished product ie our beautiful garden complete, we are beyond happy with both the hardscaping and also the exquisite, delicate planting scheme . I wouldn’t consider using any other garden design company for any future gardens that we create." 
          - Mrs S Roden, London

"Butter makes it such fun designing and creating a beautiful garden. Unlike some garden designers, she never makes you feel bad if you don't know the Latin names for plants. Her enthusiasm is infectious, her taste is immaculate and she's completely collaborative. In the end it's your garden and she never forgets that. If you're not sure where to start, or you simply haven't got time, Butter takes all the pain out of it - and delivers stunning results." 
          - Peter Fincham, London

“Butter completely re-envisioned our boring garden. She walked into it and immediately declared that it was not ‘friendly’ and why! She adapted the space to better fit our lives and took into account many elements like nosy neighbours and ancient stone walls, and filled our space with dynamic plantings.”  
         - Kim De Morgan, Bath

"I loved working with Butter on creating our garden.  She is a wonderful combination of collaborative and firm, knowing just when to put her foot down and tell you in the nicest way possible that your idea won’t work!  And the results are magic.  She has not only fantastic taste but the enthusiasm and dedication to ensuring a plan turns into a beautiful, functional garden."
          - Sarah Chappatte, London

"We came back yesterday and the garden looked so beautiful and the kids quickly ran outside to play and enjoy! Thank you again for everything you have done to bring our garden together. Your attention to detail is fabulous!"
         - Elizabeth Rodgers, London